Anna & the Sea is the solo project of Anna Lindström.

Originally from the small town Fågelsta, today her base is in Stockholm. Anna is also a music journalist and has a monthly radio show at the Swedish Radio.

Secretly, she has been working on her own material, but it never felt like the right time to put everything together, until now.

After playing around in a friend’s studio last year, things started to fall into place. Anna returned to the studio with her songs, written on her tired computer, and recorded them together with a number of musicians from the Swedish music scene.  

The result is dreamy indie pop with influences from baroque pop, folk rock, surf, and highlife with organic and minimalistic instrumentation together with Anna’s honest and unpolished voice that reminds of Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, and Joni Mitchell.

Her debut albums Söräng and Out of the Blue was released last year and the sequel Will You Let Me Wear Your Shirt Tonight is out now.

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